Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Zara sequin dress

I fell in love with this dress from the Zara Christmas collection last weekend! It looks like a normal black sequin dress, but when you run your hands over it, the sequins flip over. Now as they're blue on the other side, this means you basically have three dresses in one! A black sequin dress, or if you rub the sequins so they're all turned round, a blue sequin number, of if you get creative, a black and blue patterned sequin dress (as above). Genius!


  1. I love this dress I've seen it! It's really lovely I'm sure I'll be seeing it a lot this xmas

  2. Really nice dress, would be great for over the xmas hols.

    Thanks for the comment

    Rianna xxx

  3. Have just seen your other comment, yes I will do 'how to' tutorial eventually. It took a few washes and effects but the end result is o.k I suppose. I am in the middle of making loads of bags for a few fashion style markets happing around manchester. Will post pics of the actual bags with the funky zips as soon as I get a chance.

    you can see the run up to the bags here:


    Have just seen that you are from Bath, I went there last winter for a weekend and went to an amazing and apparently semi famous cafe called 'sally lun's buns'!! It was freakin delicious!


  4. Classy dress! I must check Zara Christmas collection! :) Gorgeous blog...Hey it'll be lovely if we follow each other.I am following you now :) Thanks!


  5. does anyone know where i can buy this dress? its not on the website or in the shop :-( thanks!

  6. Oh cool! I just published a post where I wear this dress for NY party <3



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