Monday, 14 November 2011

Mulberry Evelina Hobo

I must say, I am very impressed with Mulberry at the moment. It keeps coming with new ranges that are classy and timeless, yet hip at the same time. This Evelina Hobo in Leopard print is no exception. It has definitely just gone on my wishlist! Available here.


  1. I adore Mulberry...I just hope that one day I can swing one of their gorgeous bags on to my shoulders and call it mine!

  2. That is an amazing bag! Love it! Thank you for your super nice comment on my blog xoxo

  3. Me. Want. TOO!

    I need a wishlist... just so that I could put that at the TOP!

    This bag is undoubtely the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen... drooling here.
    You've got some nice taste my friend!

  4. love this bag!


  5. so gorgeous!


  6. Great bag ! You have such a fantastic blog to find inspiration !

  7. I love Mulberry Bag My first expensive bag was a mulberry and love it and never regreat that I bought it awesome thanks so much for your sweet comment at my blog dear Following you hope you follow me back and stay in touch kisses


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