Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Polka Dot perfection

Polka dots have been taking the world of fashion by storm. We mainly have Marc Jacobs to thank for this trend. When I first saw his collections featuring spots, I wasn't convinced. But since then, high street retailers have convinced me that this is one of the best trends this winter! I have assembled some of my top polka dot finds for you. Above, the dresses: top left hand corner Polka Dot Embroidery Dress by Karen Millen, top right hand corner Karen Millen Polka Dot Back Dress, in the middle Warehouse Spot Mesh Dress, bottom left hand corner Motel New Zoe Dress in Polka, bottom right hand corner Asos Midi Spot Print Dress. Below: skirts and a top: top left hand corner Topshop Polka Pencil Skirt, top right hand corner Topshop Spot Pencil Skirt, middle French Connection Velvet Spot Skirt, bottom left hand corner Asos Spot Sequin Top, bottom right hand corner Asos Mesh Spot Maxi Skirt.


  1. DEFINITELY PRO-POLKA DOTS!! I have to enter this universe, for sure! Love the súper retro dresses with the mesh sleeves... Wow!
    Thanks for your sweet comment! Wait for you on my blog ;-)

  2. these are really nice polka-dot items!!! love especially the dresses (all three of them!!!) :-))))

  3. I am in love with the Karen Millen dress! Can you say love <3


  4. wow! I really like Warehouse Spot Mesh Dress!!
    Kisses, Kasia ;)

  5. I love the red polka dots!



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