Saturday, 26 November 2011

Fashion Foie Gras for Coach

One of my favourite blogs - in fact, the blog that inspired me to start my own - Fashion Foie Gras got the amazing opportunity to design a bag in collaboration with Coach! The result is fantastic - an oversized tote designed especially for bloggers! The design is beautiful and classic and will go with any outfit. But my favourite parts are the handy little compartments that have been designed in! There's one so that you can always get your camera out quickly if you see something inspirational, and on the other side there is a handy flap so that you can always have a pair of flats at hand (although, if you want this and do not own this fabulous bag, check out After Flats).. These are only a few of the fantastic details! Find out more here.


  1. Beautiful bag and I so love the detail for the camera! Have a lovely weekend! <3<3

  2. cute bag and oh! it has that little bucket for camera too, so genius! haha :D


  3. One word: genius! Love this purse, it's gorgeous.


  4. I'm not a big fan of coach but I'm totally in love with this bag!!!!! :D

  5. this bag is gorgeous, reminds me of the gucci ones with red and green stripes that run down in the middle!!
    and hey i've given u the 'versatile blogger award' :) check

  6. What a cool opportunity to get to do that- she's a lucky gal :) And love that bag- very cute!

  7. How creative and innovative!! Especially the compartment for the camera. Attractively and functionally designed :)

  8. wow lovely

  9. Amazing! I have been looking for a handbag that will accommodate my camera for ages! Thanks for sharing :)

    Ivory xx


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