Friday, 28 June 2013

Inspiration: How to wear denim overalls

Do you ever feel like you are a fashion psychic?! This happened to me when last November, at a flea market in Stockholm, from piles and piles of clothes I picked up a pair of white denim overalls. My friend fell in love with them too, and they looked much better on her, so I ended up letting her have them and forgot all about the incident. That is until this summer, Pinterest and fashion blogs suddenly exploded with pics of fashionable girls wearing denim overalls! I couldn't believe that I had instinctively picked them up when I was completely unaware that within a year, they would be huge. With their popularity, however, seems to come much confusion: this is not an easy look to pull off.

Creating a great look with overalls, whether they are short, long, light, dark, patterned, distressed etc, seems to depend on one thing: a balance between playful and chic. Don't fight their tomboy-feel by adding overly girly or fussy items, and don't try to counter their casual look with an excess of bright colours. Instead, embrace their laid-back style with simple tops and accessories that create a nonchalant look. For example, crop tops and stripes look amazing with pretty much any type of overalls. Keep accessories to a minimum, although a statement necklace can look fab! And contrast their retro-vibe with modern items to create a streamlined silhouette. White stilettos work well, as do tops with an interesting texture: mesh is a great option. In other words: don't fight the overalls and work too hard to try to make them look like something they're not. Keep the silhouette simple, but don't be coy with prints or texture! Play around with all the other great summer trends to make them look up-to-date and modern!

Here are some great examples:

Photos, from top to bottom: La Petite Blonde, PoliennePinterestAmlulPinterestCity BrewedLP Fashion PhilosophyPinterestIl Etait Une FoisPinterest1finedai, The Fashion Fraction, MijaPolienneRefinery 29.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Style Snack

I am completely obsessed with creative layering techniques, and I love that this is a jumper over a dress, and that this fact is disguised by the belt! From Stockholm Streetstyle.

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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Turning up the heat

All I can say is: sexy never looked so good! As someone who definitely advocates sophisticated over sexy, I usually don't get excited by shoots like this, but I just can't believe how whoever styled this created such a perfect balance between sexy and chic! From Pepper + Chips.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Style Snack + A REMINDER

There are some women who make it all just look so effortless.. I probably wouldn't have given any of these items a second glance had I seen them hanging on the racks in a store, but they come together wonderfully and create one killer outfit! From Vanessa Jackman

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Monday, 17 June 2013

Statement jewellery: From neon to black?

I feel like the fashion world has been obsessed with neon jewellery for ages. The statement jewellery trend of the past few years has always been intertwined with the neon trend, and we have all been drooling over brightly coloured statement pieces for the past few seasons. As regular readers will know, I instantly fall in love with anything neon, so the neon statement jewellery look was definitely one of my go-to favourites in times of outfit crises. However, with the new hottest colour combo being black and white, I think times may be changing. Despite my obsession with neon jewellery, I found myself drawn to this beautiful ring in the photo above from The PvdH Journal. All of a sudden, all my bright neons felt too garish compared to a piece that made such a subtle but strong style statement. Then, when I saw the necklace below at Covet Chic: an exact replica in terms of design of all the neon necklaces I've been wearing, but with black stones instead of the usual bright yellow ones, it made me think: is neon jewellery on its way out and is black statement jewellery the next big trend? Even Tom Binns, who pretty much started the neon statement jewellery trend, has a line of dark colours. Take a look at my picks below and let me know what you think!

From top to bottom, after the first Covet Chic necklace: Max and Chloe earringsMawi broochDannijo necklaceIosselliani earringsCovet Chic braceletMax and Chloe necklaceJoomi Lim necklaceIosselliani necklaceTom Binns necklace.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Style Snack

This is an oldie I have used before (exactly a year ago!), but it caught my eye again and I couldn't help but notice that despite the fact that the outfit consists of 'trendy' items, that I wouldn't necessarily consider to be classics, its appeal is still timeless! I suppose a silk dress, blazer, fedora and boots have become classics in their own way. From Stockholm Streetstyle.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

3 Ways To Do A Sheer Hem

Sheer fabrics have slowly been gaining momentum and are everywhere at the moment! The possibilities of wearing them are endless, but I have found myself particularly drawn to all the sheer-hemmed skirts that have managed to translate into summer staples after being one of last winter's hot items. Again, there are so many ways to do a sheer hem, so I thought I would give you guys a round up of inspirational pics for my three favourite ways to rock a sheer hemmed skirt!

1. A little peek-a-boo
More of a layering style than an actual sheer hem, this is a great way to ease into the trend. It doesn't have to look very daring, and just requires a little layer of something sheer - lace looks great - peeking out from under your skirt.
2. As a hem extension
The most popular type of sheer-hemmed skirt seems to be as a simple extension of the skirt: take a plain skirt and play with the length, without having to make it too conservative, by adding sheer panels. Very simple, and still an instant style statement!
3. Sheer overlay
My favourite take on this look, and also the most creative! You could start simple, with a plain layer over a neutral shade. Or go for a bright colour over a neutral skirt. Whilst your at it, how about a printed layer over a plain skirt? Or an embellished layer? Or flip it around and wear a neutral sheer layer over a print skirt! I genuinely don't know which one to choose, they all look amazing and are a great way to create a subtle style statement!

(Images - from top to bottom: Pepper + ChipsPinterestThe SartorialistThe Fashion GuitarHarpers BazaarPinterestLovely by Lucy, The Chronicles Of HerLovely by LucyStockholm StreetstyleWho What WearPinterestStyle HeroinePepper + Chips.