Monday, 21 November 2011

French Connection skirt in the style of DKNY

Spot the difference! The two on the left are by DKNY. The first is a look from the a/w runway collection, the middle is a colour block tote available on net-a-porter. The skirt on the right is from French Connection. When I first saw it, I was sure it was a direct copy of a DKNY skirt, but looking around now, I can't find anything similar. But it definitely has the same colour scheme going on! It's a great way to bring colour blocking into your fall wardrobe.. Available here.


  1. You have a great eye to find a similar colour combo off the runway! I love me some pops of colour in any outfit and this skirt would provide the perfect colour pop :)

    Anna xo

  2. No difference! Although I am sure there is a price difference only!;-)

    Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for your seet messages:)

    Stories and Sequins

  3. thats a great skirt!!! and thank you for the discovery!!!


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