Monday, 7 November 2011

Oasis Dress in the style of Mary Katrantzou

Now I by no mean that Oasis has a Mary Katrantzou knock-off on their shelves, but this dress does really remind me of the Fall 2011 collection. It has the same Asian inspired theme, the same rich colours, a similar (although toned down) silhouette with short sleeves and a tulip skirt, and similar rows of clashing prints. For some toned down, more affordable Mary Katrantzou inspired print, the dress (and also a top and a skirt) is available here.


  1. Thanks for comments on my blog. I look at your blog and i find that you are very interesting person. i follow you. hope follow me back :)

  2. This dress is fabulous, you are right!!!

  3. i am so in love with the prints.


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