Monday, 21 November 2011

Color.Bugs Dip Dye

Everyone seems to be obsessed with Kevin Murphy's COLOR.BUGS at the moment. They are small pots containing a powderlike substance which you can rub into your hair for a coloured dip dye effect. You can choose three different colours, but when Dutch Blog Girlscene tested the COLOR.BUGS, they used all three, starting with the peach colour at the tips of the hair, pink in the middle, and purple at the top. I had to share the result, the three colours work so well together! Too bad it wouldn't work as well on my dark hair...


  1. looks fab! i do love the look but i'm the same- my hair's too dark


  2. Loving this. I have really dark hair so this is not really an option for me, but I do admire this on others. xx

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  4. Looks terrific using all three.. ombre at it's finest.. and washable!

    to die.


  5. it wouldn't work on my hair either :( but it looks great! x

  6. i didn't know these color bugs!! what a great idea!!!

  7. awe I have dark hair too :( boo... It looks so fun!
    Xox <3 An
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  8. I love pink, forever and wherever:) very interesting post:) have a nice day, xoxo

  9. whoa.. looks like a very useful item :)

  10. I'm a big fan of this look. Unfortunatly I can't wear it at my job :(

  11. Very cool!!! :-)

  12. that's soo cool, thanks for sharing!
    and also thanks for reading my blog and your lovely comments. do you want to follow each other? i'd love to! i'll start now :)
    ♥ romi

  13. Lovely hair!!


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