Monday, 31 October 2011


Iosselliani is an Italian jewellery brand with amazing craftsmanship. The collections are designed by an Italian duo that really know how to make beautiful, but modern pieces. They take traditional symbols, such as feathers and leopard heads, and incorporate them into very contemporary designs, creating some absolutely fabulous pieces that I have fallen in love with. Check out the full collection on the website.

Slipper Shoes

People seem confused about what to call these, all the shops are calling them slippers/slipper shoes/slipper loafers/slip-ons/moccasins. Whatever they're called, they're fast becoming a serious trend and I love them! The pair above are from Loeffler Randall, but I couldn't find any good, more affordable ones anywhere, until I ran into a few people wearing some gorgeous ones in the street and asked them. See below for where they'd gotten them from. Have you spotted any other good ones? Let me know!
Asos: Asos White Pin Stud Slipper and Asos Leo Velvet Slipper Pumps.
Aldo: Buschur Leopard Print Slip-OnsKillion Gold Glitter Slip-Ons and Buschur Black/White Print Slip-Ons.
Topshop: Kosy Green Suede Slipper LoafersJane Winkworth for French Sole Navy Velvet Logo Embossed SlippersManney Dalmation Print SlippersVectra Gold Studded SlippersVault Glitter Slipper Loafers.

Daily Style Snack

Some very cool drawing captured by Streetfsn.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

All over print

I saw this girl on the street the other day and I just had to take a photo, she looked so amazing! Unfortunately I only had my phone on me, so sorry for the quality of the photos. How awesome is this look, a satin printed skirt with a matching jacket! Some great inspiration!

Daily Style Snack

Classy red at Dior Spring 2012. Image via Vogue.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

DIY glitter boots

Wouldn't you love to own a pair of boots this fabulous?! This is Glamorous blog has a great DIY, showing you how to make a very similar pair! Enjoy: This is Glamorous

Daily Style Snack

Geometrics captured by Streetfsn.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Zara snakeskin boots

Snakeskin was all over the runways for Fall 2011. I loved Chloe's snake-print dresses, but I was less taken with Prada's take on the trend, presenting multi-coloured snakeskin boots (on the left).Valentino (in the middle) provided a more stylish options for anyone wanting to follow this trend, but even these boots had to much snakeskin print for my liking. I found more subtle boots with snake-print at Zara (on the right). Zara has restricted the amount of print to only on the back of the boot, making it a less overwhelming alternative to the fully snakeskin covered ones.
If you want a more subtle injection of snake print, the boots are available here.

Other images from

White Nails

White nail polish automatically makes me think of Chanel. We've been seeing it on the Chanel runway for ages, but in the past summer I kept seeing white nails more and more on blogs. I have to admit, in the beginning, I wasn't convinced that white nail polish could look as stylish as the bright colours I had been sporting for a while. But when I saw the picture above on Love Aesthetics, I changed my mind straight away! It shows how gorgeous white nails can look. Now I can't wait to try the trend!
(Image below from Fashion Notes by Victoria Kraft)

Daily Style Snack

Fabulous Neons at Jason Wu Spring 2012. Via Vogue.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Miu Miu Fall 2011 on the High Street

Miu Miu was without question my favourite Fall 2011 collection. I can't get enough of those 40s inspired dresses with flower and bird print embellishments against a solid background! And it looks like I'm not the only one, as lots of retailers have been providing us with gorgeous Miu Miu inspired prints for a lower budget.
Marks & Spencer , surprisingly, has one of the best and most stylish version! This Limited Edition dress even has a similar cut-out at the back.
New Look is loving the Miu Miu prints and has had quite a few pieces with similar floral prints. I could only find 2 on the website: the One shoulder frill dress and Blossom dress.
Dorothy Perkings is also loving the florals on a solid black and orange background. Brick floral top and Petite floral dress.
Asos, surprisingly, doesn't have that much in the Miu Miu style, but I found the following 4 (from left to right, per row): 40s Tea Dress40s Midi DressBird Print Tea DressEmbellished T-shirt Dress
Warehouse is the absolute Miu Miu champion! They have really managed to incorporate the prints in a stylish and wearable way. I especially love the twe black dresses. From left to right, per row: Savoy 40s Pencil DressLily Print DressSilk Pansy Print DressSilk Dragonfly Print DressSavoy Tea DressDandelion Print Crepe DressSilk Bird Print Dress

Daily Style Snack

Giving us the bold shoulder during Paris Fashion Week! Also love the hair! Image via Streetfsn.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A good tip for when your nail polish starts to chip

Refinery 29 has just posted an article on how to make your nail polish last longer. The best tip, which I really like, is this: when your original nail polish starts to chip, be creative and add a different colour on the bare areas! This way, you can make your nail colour last longer and make it more fashionable by making it two-tone! For more tips, read the article here.

The diamond of high end high street labels: Sandro

The third point on the diamond of high end high street labels is Sandro. Sandro is a French brand that pretty much embodies the spirit of that Parisian laid-back chic style. The clothes are very simple, but have stylish details that make them perfect basics for a fashionable wardrobe. I have chosen my favourite pieces from the Fall collection below, but if you want to find out more, go to the Sandro website.

Vanessa G prints

According to Vanessa G's website, the brand aims to combine art and fashion in the collections. Well, I would say that they have definitely succeeded with this season's collection. All the pieces are covered in gorgeous flower or skyscraper prints, making them all very special! See below for my top picks.

Daily Style Snack

Fabulous print clashing at Roberto Cavalli Spring 2012. Photo via Vogue.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Miquella is a London based jewellery brand that is very new and rapidly gaining popularity. It has already been featured in dozens of magazines, and celebrities such as Cheryl Cole have been seen wearing the pieces. Its designs are already available all over the world and with good reason: the pieces are all irresistible! Striking a perfect balance between edgy and glamorous, any of these items could instantly transform any outfit into something fabulous! Below are my top picks:

Lanvin Spring 2012

A Marilyn Monroe moment at Lanvin Spring 2012. Image via Vogue.

Daily Style Snack

From now on I will be serving you with a little style snack every day: a street style or fashion show photo for some style inspiration. Today's is from The Sartorialist and is some great inspiration for how to mix textures!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Heel love: Zara Laminated Heel Court

When I was in Zara the other day, I fell in love with these heels. They would be a perfect addition to an understated chic look. They're simple but chic, and the laminated gold stacked heel gives them a stylish twist. It doesn't come out very well in the pictures, but the heel is very metallic in real life.
If you want to add a golden touch to your shoe collection, the shoes are available for from Zara here.

Love Aesthetics Blog: DIY Cuffs

Ivania Carpio of Love Aesthetics blog posted one of the best DIY's I've seen for a while last month. She made her own transparent cuffs (including one for her hair) by putting pieces of perspex in the oven and bending them.. Absolutely genius! Check out how to make your own here.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Style inspiration

I'm sure I don't need to introduce The Sartorialist to you, but I do want to share this one particular photo which I absolutely adore! She pulls off such a bright look with such apparent ease and nonchalance.. If only this could be an everyday look for all of us!

Image from

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Miriam Salat

Miriam Salat is an American jewellery designer. She isn't very well-known in Europe, but her designs have been featured in many magazines and a lot of celebrities have been seen sporting her jewellery. Her speciality is resin necklaces, cuffs, bangles and earrings adorned with beautiful gold, silver and gems. Take a look at my top picks:

The diamond of high end high street labels: Reiss

Instalment 2 of the high end high street label diamond brings you another British label: Reiss. Over the past few years, Reiss has consistently been delighting its customers with luxurious-looking, fashionable collections. It excels at pretty, feminine dresses, but it's real strength lies in cool, sometimes edgy, pieces for the modern, sophisticated, woman. Recently, it has become more widely known, particularly because of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, who wore a Reiss dress in her engagement photo with Prince William. This season, Reiss has lots of textured pieces, either in muted beige colours, or in bold gem colours. Have a look at my top picks:

How a handmade Chanel ring is created

Refinery 29 has just uploaded a video of how a Chanel ring is handcrafted.. You have to watch it! It is absolutely mesmerising!! Enjoy:

Images via Design Scene

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Radley Autumn 2011 collection

Now I have to admit, I usually never shop at Radley. However, the other day I was waiting for a friend I had arranged to meet up with and she was very late and it was so cold that I took refuge in the nearest shop, which happened to be Radley. As I wandered round the shop, my eye fell on a range of colour block bags which are absolutely gorgeous!! The grey and pink leather bags have rose gold details. One of them will definitely be making it onto my Christmas list this year.. There were also some other bags that were quite stylish. I will definitely be checking Raley more often from now on!

Fiona Paxton

Fiona Paxton is a London based jewellery designer who incorporates eclectic styles from all over the globe into her designs. Her trademark item is her beaded necklaces, which come in different colours and prints every season. She also does earrings and bracelets though, and all of them have the same contemporary, cool and eclectic feel to them. She uses her influences from different cultures in a very modern way to create some fabulous pieces. Below are a few of my favourites, which can all be found at