Welcome to Style Servings!

I will be your style server for the evening (and day)!

Every day I will be serving you with the most noteworthy items, places and concepts in fashion for us to admire! The aim of this blog is simple: to share with you anything stylish that is getting me excited. The things I post about may range from ridiculously expensive lustworthy finds to make us swoon, to amazingly cheap on-trend steals to get your hands on asap, to designs that aren't necessarily the newest, hippest styles, but are just lovely and we can admire together.

About me

I am a student from Holland who is currently doing a Masters in Marketing in the UK. The hilly landscape of England and the constant rush between lectures have made me lazy in my day-to-day style; cocktail dresses and other formal wear are my forté! I am instantly attracted to anything shiny, neon or floral and would be happiest if everyone stated dressing like they did in the Mad Men / Pan Am era again (although perhaps incorporating some of that neon obsession!).

You can contact me at: lisannehillen@gmail.com