Thursday, 27 October 2011

Miu Miu Fall 2011 on the High Street

Miu Miu was without question my favourite Fall 2011 collection. I can't get enough of those 40s inspired dresses with flower and bird print embellishments against a solid background! And it looks like I'm not the only one, as lots of retailers have been providing us with gorgeous Miu Miu inspired prints for a lower budget.
Marks & Spencer , surprisingly, has one of the best and most stylish version! This Limited Edition dress even has a similar cut-out at the back.
New Look is loving the Miu Miu prints and has had quite a few pieces with similar floral prints. I could only find 2 on the website: the One shoulder frill dress and Blossom dress.
Dorothy Perkings is also loving the florals on a solid black and orange background. Brick floral top and Petite floral dress.
Asos, surprisingly, doesn't have that much in the Miu Miu style, but I found the following 4 (from left to right, per row): 40s Tea Dress40s Midi DressBird Print Tea DressEmbellished T-shirt Dress
Warehouse is the absolute Miu Miu champion! They have really managed to incorporate the prints in a stylish and wearable way. I especially love the twe black dresses. From left to right, per row: Savoy 40s Pencil DressLily Print DressSilk Pansy Print DressSilk Dragonfly Print DressSavoy Tea DressDandelion Print Crepe DressSilk Bird Print Dress


  1. I'm a huge fan of miu miu shoes! They're just gorgeous!


  2. love love love this post! Style servings- awesome blog name choice!

  3. Great post - I absolutely loved Miu Miu's Fall collection too! Can't believe how similar that M&S is, it's gorgeous!

    Laura xo


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