Monday, 17 October 2011

Kurt Geiger sale

Whilst I was on the Kurt Geiger website, I just couldn't help but notice that there's a sale going on at the moment.. The student bargain shopper in me came out and I searched the pages of hundreds of shoes and accessories to find you the best items! Here are my favourites:

Left: KG Katherine down from £220 to £129, right KG Jeepers down from £130 to £59
Left: KG Horatio down from £100 to £60. Right: KG Jubilee own from £100 to only £29!!! (Only 
left in size 36 unfortunately.. Whoever gets them, I envy your small feet!)
Left: Nine West Grase down from £145 to £99. Right: Carvela Krunch down from £95 to £59

1 comment:

  1. Great finds!
    Sara xoxo


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