Monday, 17 October 2011

The diamond of high end high street labels: Whistles

High end high street labels are becoming more and more popular. Essentially, they fill the gap between the high street labels and the expensive brands. They are go-to shops for people in fashion and with money, and are also invested in by students like me! I have four favourite ones, which I have incorporated into my holy diamond of high end high street labels. I will be revealing them one by one. The first one is British label Whistles. After a major restyling of the brand a few years ago, it swiftly became the UK's best kept style secret, where fashion insiders would go to score some stylish looking pieces. Recently, it has become more popular outside of this group, as it has been featured in magazines more and more, it has become increasingly well-known.

I have to say, I think Whistles is my all-time favourite shop. I fall in love with practically everything they have each season! Whistles has mastered stylish but wearable separates which you know will instantly give your wardrobe a style lift. So let's see what Whistles has in store for us this season...

All images from the Whistles website.

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  1. Pretty fond of whistles too - that black coat is gorgeous x


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