Friday, 28 October 2011

White Nails

White nail polish automatically makes me think of Chanel. We've been seeing it on the Chanel runway for ages, but in the past summer I kept seeing white nails more and more on blogs. I have to admit, in the beginning, I wasn't convinced that white nail polish could look as stylish as the bright colours I had been sporting for a while. But when I saw the picture above on Love Aesthetics, I changed my mind straight away! It shows how gorgeous white nails can look. Now I can't wait to try the trend!
(Image below from Fashion Notes by Victoria Kraft)


  1. Hi dear
    Thanks for comment, love it!!
    And this photos, the first is realy inspiring! LOVE

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  2. thanks for your sweet comments! Hmm, I may need to try white nails! xo

  3. i am loving the white nails!! thanks for your comments!


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