Monday, 31 October 2011

Slipper Shoes

People seem confused about what to call these, all the shops are calling them slippers/slipper shoes/slipper loafers/slip-ons/moccasins. Whatever they're called, they're fast becoming a serious trend and I love them! The pair above are from Loeffler Randall, but I couldn't find any good, more affordable ones anywhere, until I ran into a few people wearing some gorgeous ones in the street and asked them. See below for where they'd gotten them from. Have you spotted any other good ones? Let me know!
Asos: Asos White Pin Stud Slipper and Asos Leo Velvet Slipper Pumps.
Aldo: Buschur Leopard Print Slip-OnsKillion Gold Glitter Slip-Ons and Buschur Black/White Print Slip-Ons.
Topshop: Kosy Green Suede Slipper LoafersJane Winkworth for French Sole Navy Velvet Logo Embossed SlippersManney Dalmation Print SlippersVectra Gold Studded SlippersVault Glitter Slipper Loafers.


  1. Love flats, so comfortable and great for on the go.

  2. Really love your blog :)
    So much inspiration :)
    Following you now :)

  3. I love these and I love how there is so much variety to pick from :)

  4. Love your blog Following you!
    I'd love it if you check out mine and tell me your opinion!


  5. ohhhhhhhh so cute that flat!! =))

  6. Nice shoes!

  7. I want those leopard loafers too!

  8. slippers are way better than ballerinas hehe ;)

  9. love all of these!


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