Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Mango tassel earrings

This winter, the S&M look dominated the runways. Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen and many others encouraged us to fly the fetish flag. It always amused me to think of the people who got to know Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen through the Royal Wedding, decided to look up her designs and were confronted with a collection full of S&M style harnesses! If you are looking for subtle ways to incorporate this trend into your outfit, these tassel-inspired earrings from Mango would look great with a high bun or ponytail!


  1. ♥ amazing earrings ♥
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  2. Oh, look! Sequins!!!! That makes me very happy. :)

    I could totally see myself DIY-ing a pair like this, but with beaded tassels.

  3. that printed skirt is so cool love it!

  4. I love these earrings!!

  5. wow those tassel earrings are to die for.


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