Monday, 23 January 2012

Style inspiration at the Golden Globes

I don't think anyone could have missed the Golden Globes recently, lots of blogs had a great round-up of all the looks. I thought it was a very well-dressed event, but there were two looks that really inspired me. They weren't necessarily my best dressed of the evening, but there was something about their looks that I wanted to bookmark for my own style. The first was Jamie King in Valentino Couture. She looked ethereal in her satin gown, it was a perfect choice for her. But what I'm obsessing over is the combination of satin and that lovely pastel mint colour! It is so beautiful!! I NEED something satin in this stunning colour! (Image via The Fashion Patrol). The second look that caught my eye was Kelly MacDonald in Lorena Sarbu. This was so much more than a sequin gown. I absolutely love the effect of the green and blue sequins together, it gave the dress such a modern, maybe even space-y, feel! I am not officially on the hunt for a dress with green and blue sequins to get a similar effect! (Photo via Instyle).


  1. i want the second dress the print is really great.

  2. The second dress is so beautiful!

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  3. both gowns looks elegant! Nice post you got here :)

  4. The first dress is amazing:-)


  5. Anything that sparkles always catches my eye, but I'm not so sure that I like this dress that much.

  6. very pretty and unique!

  7. i like that first look the most. nice braided details on that dress

  8. You know, no one really posted about Jamie King at the GG, but she killed it on the red carpet...I love her look!


  9. that green dress is beautiful!

  10. i love this valentino gown it is sooo beautiful and she looks like an angel with her gorgous hair and that dress!
    love and kiss,mary


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