Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Fab and on sale: Zara skirt

The bad thing about the Zara sale: the discount is laughable. Some things have only been discounted by a few euros! The good thing about the Zara sale: there are lots of amazing pieces!! I got my hands om some really great stuff last week, but somehow I managed to overlook this lovely skirt! The silhouette is really stylish, and the muted floral print means that it won't be hard to wear. Let's hope they still have it next time I go to a Zara. Available here.


  1. ahahhah so funny today I went to zara and was holding this skirt and was the last one in my size but didn't buy it LOL but is cute

  2. I love these type of skirts! Today I bought the one with stars but it wasn't on sales... poor me lol
    I hate that Zara only discounts a little... that's why I love going to the 2nd sales! When there seems to be nothing left for you but I always find something :)
    Thanks for you comment in my blog :):)

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  3. I just hit up the ZARA sale, I found 4 thing under $20 Woohoo!. But i agree sometimes the "sale" is not really a sale. I didn't see that skit, it's so cute.

    The Sea & Sol

  4. It can be hit or miss. I have been checking the website quite often, though. Love the hemline of the skirt!

  5. Love that skirt! The print has a vintage feel to it but the cut gives it a more modern look. Especially love it styled with a chunky knit as well xx



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