Thursday, 15 December 2011

Win a Golden Tiffany's key by eating a chocolate cake!

I know, this sounds too good to be true! But at Le Meurice's Le Dali restaurant in Paris, a golden Tiffany's key is hidden inside their "Galette des Reines", and when you order a slice, you might find the key inside! This will only be done during January, so if you needed an extra reason to go visit Paris, there you go!
Images via Glam UK.


  1. What a beautiful tea room : ) I would go there even when they don't give a Tiffany key but it would be real fun to watch the winner's face when they get that key, I would be very happy : ) Thanks for your visit and sweet comment as always : )

  2. Wow beutiful place and this is a funny game!

  3. Cake and Tiffany's...What more could a girl ask for ;)


  4. such a fairytale it!

  5. Oh my...a sweet treat and a Tiffany treasure. Sounds divine!


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