Monday, 19 December 2011

Rick Owens leather jacket style at River Island

You know that leather jacket by Rick Owens that everyone who is rich an fabulous seems to own!? Well, River Island has a really similar version at a fraction of the price! It has the same drapey style and looks just as cool. The original is available at net-a-porter, the River Island version is available here.


  1. I haven't really noticed that a lot of celebrities wear the Owens jacket but I really like it. But considering the price difference i'd definately for the river island one :)
    new post : winter make-up

  2. wauw nice jacket I want it too:)

    thanks for your comment :)

  3. I want this right now! Too bad I'be already spent the christmas budget :(
    many kisses

  4. oh my gosh, I love it <3 <3 I need to have this jacket

  5. Awesome alternative! I think I need it! Thanks for the comment and I'm following you now!


  6. Love it! I think it's a fab alternative!

  7. great suggestion!! i always love an awesome jacket..

    come visit for the second part of my jane by design challenge!


  8. i am in love with this jacket a while now one of the best jackets out there


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