Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Spike the Punch necklaces

I never go on Etsy, but when I saw this necklace, I had to go and find out more about who made it. The brand is called Spike the Punch and it has lots of fabulous hand painted rhinestone necklaces. They have various neon colours (which I was of course instantly drawn to) as well as a lot of pretty blue hues. One idea I also really love, is that of coating rhinestones in glitter (see bottom necklace)! All available via Etsy. Top image via Sterling Style.


  1. I love neon and these necklaces are gorgeous. Thanks for the tip - i will head over and check them out:) Have a great week - lovely blog by the way:)

    Libby x

  2. What gorgeous necklaces!! Love it!


  3. Thank you for share! I love these necklaces!!!

    ...and maybe we can follow each others!
    Let me know if you want...


  4. I like that first necklace very much and i think we have the same estee lipstick, you can see it here on my vanity

    Thanks for your visit and nice comment. I am IN now :)

  5. I have been looking the perfect neon necklace and I think this may be it!! Thanks for sharing... I am in love!


  6. That glitter one is just're right:D

  7. You are the best for sharing this!!! I'm going right now to Etsy!!!!!!!! thank youuuuuu!!!!


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