Friday, 25 May 2012

Reiss print dress

Another day, another printed dress! I love the abstract print on this colourful summer dress, which could be worn for day or evening. Find it here.


  1. I'm really curious how you would wear this? Would you belt it - and if so , where?

    If not, would it be overwhelming, or simply 70s chic? I think the print is beautiful, though, so you probably couldn't go too wrong.

    Great header on your blog!


  2. I wud definitely wear it with a belt if i were u. but it wud be such a waste as it will distort the beautiful print.
    How else...hmm..
    Great dress design i must say.

  3. Lovely print dress! Looks comfy and cool! Nice colors!

  4. oh yes this is stunning.. im imagining paired with a blazer for the perfect date outfit!

  5. I love printed daytime dress! xoxo

  6. this would be s perfect for the weather right now - love the print too

    ♥ ThankFifi


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